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What is CIMple?

Securely save your customers’ credit card data for future use!

How it Works

With CIMple, your customers can save their credit card data for future use. They have the ability to change and delete current credit card numbers, without storing the data on your server, keeping you PCI compliant.



  • NO EDITS OR MODIFICATIONS TO MAGENTO CORE (Typically, this includes all code inside the app/code/core folder)
  • No conflicting modules (or conflicting custom code) installed (Typically, if installed component/module affects same functionality as CIMple, or related, you should be wary of conflicts)

Magento Version

  • Community Edition 1.5.0 -
  • Enterprise Edition 1.8 -


Before you Install

As with all our modules (and all modules in general), installing this module directly and solely in a live environment is strongly discouraged. It is recommended that it be installed in a development environment, configured, tested, and then deployed to your live environment through your deployment method of choice (i.e. - git, subversion, etc...). If this is not possible, then the next best thing would be to make a FULL backup before installation.


As with all our modules (and all modules in general), installing this module while compilation is turned on is not recommended. Please turn off compilation before installing.

Installing the Basic Application

Navigate to the root of your application. You should see folders like (app, downloader, skin, etc...). You can either install this manually or via Magento Connect. To install Manually, unzip the module Tar and then copy/paste to the root of your folder.

To install using Magento Connect, go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. Click on Browse, then click on the module and install. This will automatically install the product for you.



CIMple can be configured by going to access System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> TinyBrick CIM. Once there, you should see something like the following:

Here, you can set-up Of course, you will need a CIM account with You need to fill out the test data or the Live data. As always, it's best to test it before sending it live.

General Usage


This is a brief overview of what CIMple will look like to your user. You will see the checkout screen and the admin section where they can then edit cards. Here is the wonderful checkout screen:

Above, you can see what the user sees when they checkout. Now, here is a picture of what the administrative section looks like on the frontend:

That is it. Very simple to install and use. PCI Complaint and your customers will love it!

Known Limitations

  • None Currently