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What is the Order Highlighter Module?

Quickly view orders in the sales grid easier with this order highlighter addon.

How it Works

With the Order Highlighter module, you have many options to help you view your order grid easier. You can set it up to highlight only pending orders, or multiple types of orders, or even customers with multiple orders that are still pending, so you know what you can ship together to save you and your customer money.Once you install the module you will see a column called color code next to order id in this column you will see small blocks of color swatch to denote what all criteria an order is falling in. Just by mouseover on those small block you will come to know what criteria they belong to. you can set priority as well while creating any rule. The rule which is having highest priority that rule's background color will become the background color of that Order.



  • NO EDITS OR MODIFICATIONS TO MAGENTO CORE (Typically, this includes all code inside the app/code/core folder)
  • No conflicting modules (or conflicting custom code) installed (Typically, if installed component/module affects same functionality as Order Highlighter, or Sales Grid related, you should be wary of conflicts)

Magento Version

  • Community Edition 1.5.0 -
  • Enterprise Edition 1.8 - 1.13


Before you Install

As with all our modules (and all modules in general), installing this module directly and solely in a live environment is strongly discouraged. It is recommended that it be installed in a development environment, configured, tested, and then deployed to your live environment through your deployment method of choice (i.e. - git, subversion, etc...). If this is not possible, then the next best thing would be to make a FULL backup before installation.

Installing the Basic Application

Navigate to the root of your application. You should see folders like (app, downloader, skin, etc...). You can either install this manually or via Magento Connect. To install Manually, unzip the module Tar and then copy/paste to the root of your folder.

To install using Magento Connect, go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. Click on Browse, then click on the module and install. This will automatically install the product for you.



Order Highlighter can be configured by going to access System -> Configuration -> Order Highlighter. Once there, you should see something like the following:

Here, you can set-up the Order Highlighter module. You will need to put in your license information and select whether or not you want to enable Multiple Orders.

The next thing you need to do is configure the Highlighter. Click on Sales -> Orderhighlighter and then click on "Add Orderhighlight". Here are some settings I setup to give you an idea of what you can do.

That's it. Pretty simple to set-up. Now you can view your highlighted orders.

General Usage


When you login to your admin panel, click on Sales -> Order. Here is an example of what it will look like with highlighted orders:

Known Limitations

  • None Currently